DIY Round Rope Mirror

So lately I have seen so many of these round hanging mirrors using either rope or leather to hang them, so when I stumbled across this round clock in bed, bath and beyond with it's gorgeous wide plywood framing for only $17, I instantly thought this would be the perfect foundation for my own DIY version.

This was the easiest project to undertake (with the help of my lovely partner, and master of powertools) it seriously only took about 10 minutes to put together and a total cost of about $60

Materials Needed:
x1 Clock from Bed, Bath and Beyond / This was on sale for about $17
x2 handles / brought from Bunning Hardware store $5 each
x1 round mirror / made to measure from my local glass shop $15
Thick rope / I brought 2 metres from Bunnings Hardware for about $3.60per metre and probably only used about 1.5 metres
x1 your choice of hook to hang mirror from / I purchased a wooden knob from General Electric $11
x1 power drill or hand screw driver

This was the original clock brought, I took it into my local glass shop where they measured the back of the clock from edge to edge and cut a mirror to fit.

Then it was off to my local Bunnings Hardware store to get rope and some kind of handles or clips to hang the rope from, I ended up getting vintage style door handles/pulls for about $5each.

The next few steps involved unscrewing the small closures on the back of the clock which kept the clock face in place then carefully inserting the newly cut mirror inside the frame then screwing the closures back into the framing to secure the mirror in place. From there it was just a matter of finding the right height for the handles (we ended up going just above half way) to go on the outer part of the frame (the frame was wide enough so that when we drilled holes for the handles it did not drill through into the mirror as the mirror sat towards the front edge of the framing) Once the handles were drilled in and secure we just tied the rope around each one and it was all done! easy as that!

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