Style Board No. 10 - Rain, Rain, go away!

This weekend’s endless rain throughout the country has got me thinking that a rainy wedding is on the top of the “wedding day disasters” list, so I wanted to share some tips and a cute style board for making a rainy wedding fabulous.

Have a cute umbrella...
make your wedding pictures pop, with an adorable, elegant, or just plain hilarious umbrella.  having one that you love waiting in the wings could make rain on your wedding day kind of fun and exciting!
Ditch the heels for gumboots...
I just love fun bright gumboots. I can totally see a bride holding a colorful umbrella with matching gumboots peeking out from under her white dress.
Have fun with it!
I think the key to any wedding day mishap (weather or otherwise) is to just have fun with it. As long as you look like you’re having fun, the pictures will reflect that!

images sourced from: top left and middle right: Meg Perotti via; top left: favourswithlove; 2nd row left: Luster studios; 
2nd row right: greenweddingshoes;  bottom left: Lucida photography via; 
Bottom left: Scott Faber photography via revelevents

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