Moodboard - Interior ideas for the new digs

I've decided to gather up a few of my favourite images on pinterest to create a moodboard for the shed. I think it's fair to say it's a mix of rustic industrial with a hint of cottage charm.

Windows are going in this week after being delayed by 2 weeks... and we have stairs, the most amazing stairs ever! I'm totally in love with them, photos to come.

Building Progress - Part 2 - We have a roof and walls

Hi all,

Well, we finally have a roof on and walls, the shed is finally looking like it could be liveable.

Below are a few pics of the progress that has been made over the past few weeks. Windows will be in early next week.

Now the fun stuff can begin...bathroom and kitchen planning and fit-out, yay!

Inspiration boards to come...

Friday Favourites : DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

Happy Friday everyone! I'm loving this mason jar chandelier I found on pinterest via Shanty 2 Chic and the best part it only cost 10 bucks to make.

This will look awesome hanging from my new decking once we have completed the build.

Find all the instructions here

Building Progress: Part 1

A few photos snapped over the past couple of months of the sheds progress.

I probably should give you a little background info on our property where this shed is being built. We have 5 acres of land hidden down a very long driveway pretty much in the middle of town, we are extremely lucky to have scored this section a few years ago and it's taken lot's of hours and man power to get it to where it is today, just think overgrown and swampy! but we could see the potential amongst all the long grass, it truly is a little piece of paradise!

We have actually done a little more since the last photo was taken, the second story floor has gone down and the framing has been constructed and is waiting to go up.