Friday Favourites -DIY Pendant Light

Happy Friday! I know I've posted a few times on DIY lights here and here but this one is even bigger and better and all you'll need is an exercise ball, string, vaseline and fabric stiffener such as mod podge. To buy something like this will cost hundreds of dollars, for this project it will be well under $100.  I've checked out a few online tutorials on making this light and each one seems to use different materials to harden the string, so if you have either fabric stiffener, mod podge or wallpaper paste you should be fine, I think I will be making my own mod podge and using that. For all the instructions check out madebygirl

NEW Nursery Prints - Chalkboard Series

Happy Wednesday! Today I am introducing a new range inspired by Chalkboards. Fun and simple prints printed in black and white, although you are more than welcome to have these printed in any color to suit your nursery colors. These will look super cool hanging in a set of three in your child's room. You can find these prints for sale in my etsy shop and also my felt shop so get in and grab yourself some funky modern art for your little one's room, and keep checking back for more new designs added to the series.

Friday Favourites - AnnaPavlovna

Happy Friday all!

Just loving these beautifully crafted teddy bears and toys from the lovely girls at annapavlovna these girls are based in Russia but have Free shipping on all their products. Can't you just imagine one of these cuties sitting on a shelf in a nursery. Gorgeous!