FRIDAY FAVOURITES - Advent Calendars

It might be a little late to get started on some of these fun DIY advent calendars but I thought it would be a fun idea to share some of my faves for this year. Enjoy!

images sourced via: 1: skiptomylou. 2: knockoffdecor. 3: brandyscraft.blogspot. 4: theredthread. 5: momenttomomentdk 6: littlescandinavian 7: dewanda blog 8&9: martha stewart

Style Board No. 17 - Coral Crush

I'm crazy about coral! my summer wardrobe is slowly been taken over by this fun color. But for all you folks getting married or just holding a fun summer party and you’re looking to add a splash of color to your ceremony or liven up your tablescape, coral is the perfect hue that is so captivating and perfect. I couldn’t resist gathering some cute coral inspiration… how pretty are those coral bridesmaid dresses and bouquets of lush flowers? and how delectable are those coral-colored macarons. Enjoy!

images sourced via: Jessica-Claire via Inspired by This, DesignSponge, Steve Steinhardt via inspired by this,, O.W.Scott-Chester via Polka Dot Bride,

Print of the Week and a new online Magazine

Happy Monday!

Well it's officially Spring in this part of the world so that means one thing, Summer is not far away!
Check out the print of the week, Chevron Monogram. You can find it for sale on my etsy shop and my felt shop

While your busy online get on over to the new online magazine Hazed dedicated to New Zealand's Indie design community. Launched by the fab blog Hazel Loves Design it showcases all the awesomeness from New Zealand designers.

Friday Favourites -DIY Pendant Light

Happy Friday! I know I've posted a few times on DIY lights here and here but this one is even bigger and better and all you'll need is an exercise ball, string, vaseline and fabric stiffener such as mod podge. To buy something like this will cost hundreds of dollars, for this project it will be well under $100.  I've checked out a few online tutorials on making this light and each one seems to use different materials to harden the string, so if you have either fabric stiffener, mod podge or wallpaper paste you should be fine, I think I will be making my own mod podge and using that. For all the instructions check out madebygirl

NEW Nursery Prints - Chalkboard Series

Happy Wednesday! Today I am introducing a new range inspired by Chalkboards. Fun and simple prints printed in black and white, although you are more than welcome to have these printed in any color to suit your nursery colors. These will look super cool hanging in a set of three in your child's room. You can find these prints for sale in my etsy shop and also my felt shop so get in and grab yourself some funky modern art for your little one's room, and keep checking back for more new designs added to the series.

Friday Favourites - AnnaPavlovna

Happy Friday all!

Just loving these beautifully crafted teddy bears and toys from the lovely girls at annapavlovna these girls are based in Russia but have Free shipping on all their products. Can't you just imagine one of these cuties sitting on a shelf in a nursery. Gorgeous!

Style Board No. 16 - Apple Orchard Wedding

apples, apples, apples! that has been the scene in my house lately.

I am in the middle of producing our annual apple cider harvest, yummo! I use the easiest recipe and all it uses is apples, water, sugar and lemons. I am needing to create some fun labels for our bottles so will keep you posted on that. So with apple overload in my house why not create a style board featuring these little beauties.

Hope you enjoy!

Friday Favourites and Office Inspiration

Happy Friday!

How cute and easy are these cupcake wrappers... so simple and affordable for a wedding, bridal or baby shower party. I found this fun idea via pinterest for cake central

now lets get onto the serious business of office space! for the past two years I have been working out of the tiniest of spaces, actually our old laundry/washroom a size of 1.2 x 2.5m, this is mainly where I design and do paper work when it comes to cutting and packaging jobs the good ol' kitchen table does the trick. But it is now time to seriously think of a bigger work space. Now, we only have a small 2bdrm house so I can either take over the 2nd bedroom which is currently a guest room or make our small but bright and warm conservatory a new office space. I don't know which option is going to be the best but I will be keeping you posted, and to give you some ideas on my dream office space have a look at these I found while pouring through all the pinterest pic's.

Have a great weekend!

this has got to be my dream garden studio, how amazing would this be in the backyard

via hgtv


Hi everyone! just a quick post today in regards to Minted.

I have decided to create a few designs for a Minted challenge they are currently running.
There are some seriously fantastic designs I'm up against but I love a good challenge so if you don't mind...pop on over to the website or click on the voting badge to the right on my blog and please vote.

Thanks so much xxx

Flowers for the week...

Welcome to a new week, and what a week it's going to be! I have lots to get done over the next few days with new designs been finished off and three jobs to be packaged up and sent out the door.

So lets start today off with a vibrant bunch of flowers, I would love to have this bouquet sitting on my office desk right now! Enjoy!

Friday Favourites - Hemp Pendant Lamp

Happy Friday everyone!

Loving this fun tutorial on how to make your own hemp lamps. Pop on over to the craft nest for all the details on how to make these fab lamps.



Hi all, Happy New Year and all that.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday.

I know I have been missing in action for a few weeks now but I have been super busy working on some new wedding invitation designs and getting my self ready and organized for a productive 2012.  This year I have decided it's time to get some organization in my work and home life, so this year should run smoothly... fingers crossed. I have been scanning the world wide web for lots of inspiration in storage and organizing solutions so I hope to put these in place very soon... wish me luck.

Anyways, check out some of the designs I have been working on below and be sure to check out my etsy shop for more designs that have been added.