Style Feature - Cookie Bars

Hi all, Happy Easter! I am officially on a chocolate detox, I have eaten far to many chocolate easter eggs this past weekend but you know what I haven't had enough of is cookies! so today's feature is on fun ways to incorporate cookies into your wedding dessert! a great way to give a little sweetness to your guests is yummy cookies and way more easy on the budget, have some fun and get baking with the family or bridesmaids and make a selection of your fav cookies and display them at the wedding reception in place of the traditional desserts you might see, you could also add a few brown paper bags so guests can take a few for the trip home. Yummy.

Style Board No. 13 - Vintage Florals

Hi all, I'm back! probably wondering where I've been... I have been a little busy of late and just haven't had time to blog, sorry! one of my new year resolutions was to be more pro-active in the blogging department, well, I'm not doing so good at that one.

Well, today's style board is all about vintage florals, mixing soft pastel colors with more dramatic darker hues is so stunning, it really creates an old world feel, don't ya think? you could even mix up the theme by pairing up vintage finds with more modern pieces.